Leipzig on Segway and city walking tours: best Sightseeing

Goethe monument at the Old Town Hall in Leipzig
Goethe monument at the Old Town Hall in Leipzig

Our city tours through Leipzig are unique - our city walk through Leipzig's city center or the Segway rides in Leipzig with lots of driving fun!


We show Leipzig's sights and make many things uniquely different.


Our experiences offer tourists a good overview, but also reveal many (still) unknown details for Leipzig residents. In addition, we set new technical standards, with which we also offer you a completely different quality in terms of content - in an amusing & entertaining and yet very instructive way.

Segway tours with driving fun

2 Segways in front of the monument to the battle of nations
best Sightseeing in Leipzig: on the Segway

city walks in Leipzig

group during sightseeing on the Augustusplatz in Leipzig
Sightseeing in Leipzig with our city walk

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Sightseeing with driving fun on 2 wheels

real giraffes - the Segway Safari in Leipzig
with the Segway to "Africa", have a look into the Leipzig zoo

With our Segway tours in Leipzig we set new standards and offer a very special way of combining driving fun and sightseeing!


After an intensive exercise on our practice course in the middle of the city center, you will go far out with us. There is a lot of information about the city on the way - but not by standing still, but directly while driving via a headset! With it we can show you even more and like to drive a little faster, because our Segways are not throttled!


We are happy when you are - that's why we do a lot differently!

unique walk through the city center

Goethe monument at the old town hall of Leipzig
Unique and incomparable - our city tour 2.0!

This is a city tour in Leipzig that sets new standards! We will show you Leipzig city center on foot in a way that there is no other way!


On the tour, everyone can have a look around and take photos and do not miss anything from the guide, because he can be heard easily through a headset. And when we show you pictures on the way, they are primarily interesting historical views of the city - and you can see them in large format via a mobile, high-brightness projector.


In addition, we not (only) show the highlights in Leipzig, but above all a lot of hidden things that make the city what it is: colorful, diverse and open-minded.

Book tickets for public tours directly

We offer our Segway tours through Leipzig and the city walking in Leipzig as public city tours with fixed times. Booking in advance is necessary - because places are limited. Please contact us for an individual tour or if you want us to add another public tour time.

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The tours are of course also available in German - natürlich gibt es unsere Touren auch auf Deutsch: