Our city walking tour through Leipzig: the ingenious multimedia city tour on foot!

Augustusplatz in Leipzig on a city tour
We do city tours in Leipzig in a unique way!

We make the city walking through Leipzig an experience, because our ingenious city tour on foot is unique!
We show you the city center of Leipzig in an entertaining way and deliberately avoid boring you with countless years. Discover with us the sights in Leipzig and also the hidden in the city!

So that you can listen to your guide at any time, everyone receives a headset from us during the tour. So you can take a look around and take photos without missing anything. And we will show you pictures in large format - using a mobile, bright projector.

Passages & courtyards, the peaceful revolution '89 - and much more!

During our city tour through Leipzig we introduce you to the history of the city in an entertaining way. We also show you historical views - from the time of the GDR and also from earlier times. Because of its past as a trade fair city, Leipzig today has a very special system of passages and courtyards - we give you a small overview and go into some of them.
There is no other city more closely connected to the peaceful revolution in 1989 than Leipzig. We will take you on a little multimedia journey through time into this time of change and you will be amazed at how many pieces of memory there are to be discovered in Leipzig.
But that's not all - even Leipzig was once the worldwide hub of trade, it can still be seen in many buildings: we will show you what products it was.
Our 90-minute city walk in Leipzig starts in our store in the shopping center "Höfe am Brühl" in downtown Leipzig - it is an ideal opportunity to get a first impression of this wonderful city!

Tickets for the city tour in Leipzig

The number of participants in our city tour through Leipzig is limited, so tickets are only available in advance.

A printout is not necessary.

Tickets for public city walks can be canceled free of charge up to 24 hours before the start.


Our tour starts from 4 guests. We will get back to you if this is not achieved.


For other start times, please contact us.