Voucher for our unique experiences in Leipzig

Our experiences are unique - and they are a perfect gift! All of our vouchers can be redeemed flexibly for all Stadtstromer-tours - whether on a Segway through Leipzig or on a city tour in Leipzig on foot or if they are German or English guided.
Gift note: the Segway has a minimum age of 14 years, the weight must be between 45 and 115 kg.

Just buy the voucher, pay with credit card or PayPal and print it out by yourself.


You can flexibly change the picture (or choose one of your own) and the text in the middle by yourself.


We apologize that the text on the right is in German. But you are welcome to take the voucher code and write it on your own voucher.

gift voucher for Leipzig experiences
Sample. You can flexibly change the picture and text in the middle yourself.